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Just as physical therapy can improve body function, vision therapy can improve eye and brain function. Children who struggle with schoolwork or have a learning disability (i.e. ADHD, Autism, etc.) often have associated visual skill problems affecting their learning potential, especially since about 80% of learning is through the visual system.

Signs and symptoms of visual skill problems include:

  • Short attention span
  • Skipping words or lines when reading
  • Eyestrain or headaches after reading
  • Intermittent blurry distance or near vision
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Poor handwriting
  • Frequent letter or number reversal

A child can "pass" their annual eye exam or school screening but still struggle in academics due to undiagnosed vision problems. Optimal visual performance requires vision to be clear, comfortable and efficient. Even people with 20/20 eyesight can have problems with reading, learning or sports. A Developmental Vision Evaluation can help diagnose visual skill deficiencies that may be contributing to learning or behavioral problems.

Early detection and treatment of visual skill problems is important in order to prevent unnecessary struggles and promote a higher quality of life into adulthood.

Visual aptitude can be developed with vision therapy, which employs exercises to enhance the eye's ability to track, focus, and work together, as well as improve the mind's ability to process visual information. To schedule a comprehensive vision assessment, please contact our office. (626) 935-8886